About Me

Hi !

I’m Claude Laroche, a fitness coach that helps people age well and enjoy their life to the fullest.

As a Chartered Profesional Account (CPA), I have more than 30 years of experience in the public sector leading change and achieving results through collaboration.

After an early retirement from the corporate world in 2010,

I became a Certified Professional Coach and provided coaching and consulting services to individuals and organizations.

I then became inspired to learn more about health and wellness. As a result, I decided to get certified as a nutrition counsellor and as a personal trainer. This new knowledge has helped me tremendously personally and, along with my coaching skills, convinced me that I possess the right combination of knowledge and experience to help other people age well and live their life to their fullest.

I am also a Certified Professional Massage Therapist and I  believe that it can help recovery after physical activity.  The body does have wisdom that needs deep listening. 

Some more personal stuff about me.

  • As father of two sons and five grandchildren, I embrace the richness of fatherhood and strive to give my family the richest inheritance possible by being a parent who makes a difference in their lives.
  • I am passionate about the people in my life. I love exploring the world, meeting new people and embracing the richness and strength of diversity.
  • I enjoy being physically active, be it at the gym, swimming, cycling or hiking. I value a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Playing and having fun is my way of being.
  • I am advancing through life with pride, purpose and pleasure, and I am making every breath count.