Aging with Pride, Purpose and Pleasure

Life is short; throw all the colours you want at it.

When does aging begin? Research suggests that biological aging begins in the 20s. Embracing aging begins much later, sometimes in our 50s and beyond.

In my mind, embracing aging is about living with pride, purpose and pleasure.

  • Pride because we want to feel good about ourselves and what we have accomplished.
  • Purpose because we want a meaningful life and we want to make a difference in the world.
  • Pleasure because we want to have fun.

Embracing aging is an important subject for people of all ages and walks of life. Embracing aging is a journey that everyone must take. Everyone can choose to embrace aging and live with pride, purpose and pleasure, including:

  • Improving attitudes around one’s own aging.
  • Creating a community of senior adults that is a safe, welcoming and appropriate.
  • Increasing high quality and forward thinking options to help older individuals live as they choose in their families and in their community – living in an environment that adapts as we age.
  • Designing a lifestyle filled with opportunities to celebrate the life that we have.
  • Creating new and exciting opportunities for making a difference in the world
  • Creating moments of play, fun and pleasure.
  • Making retirement and aging into the best years of your life.
  • And more . . .

The bottom line is that the key to aging with pride, purpose and pleasure is to make every breath count and say YES to life.  

What colours do you want to add to the canvas of your life NOW?  How do you choose to age?

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